Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to stage a quiet rebellion

My heart and mind are staging a quiet rebellion.

They don't want to drive a "good girl" anymore. They don't want to be responsible, or do a good job with tasks they don't like.

They want to burn bridges and piss people off. They want to indulge in unplanned days, do whatever the hell they want, learn what they want to learn not what others say they should learn.

Poise? Please. Maturity? Whatev. I've over it. The inner demons want out. They're noisy and feisty and itchy. They demand reinvention. They stimulate madness.

You see, true rebels don't settle. They take what they want by whatever means necessary. They aren't neat or tidy. And they are certainly not conscientious.

Because being responsible only gets you so far. To get the rest of the way you have to be responsive -- to your hunger, your muses, your gut.

I'd cry out "Who's with me??" here, but remember, this is a quiet rebellion. The uprising has to happen IN me, not AROUND me ... or not at all.

So Heart. Mind. Gut. Am I with me?


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Sounds like you might need atrip to Greenwood!!!!

  2. What kind of rebellion are we talking about?

  3. @Anon (aka Claude): Only if Greenwood offers me the artistic fulfillment of my dreams. ;)

    @ghettodev: Nice to 'see' you again! I'm talking personal/internal rebellion where I get a little more selfish and pursue what I think I'm meant to pursue. See 'Don't Fear the Crayons' post for similar vein. :) So how have you been?

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I completely understand your sentiment here! Sometimes it's exhausting to be the planner, the organized one, the in-control one. That only goes so far, until Control Jenna says "no! don't do it! stay the course!"