Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Use photography to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary

"Silhouette of a Story" By Joe Mezzanini
-- reproduced with permission

That's photographer Joe Mezzanini's credo, anyway. And he follows it to excellent effect on his photoblog at

What I like most about Joe's work is his insistence on making the mundane noteworthy. In his own words -- "Photography helps me to see details in life that I may have ordinarily taken for granted."

His images help me to do the same. They remind me to slow down, breathe, and be in the moment, so that the faces, colors, patterns, and symmetry/asymmetry surrounding me have time to unfold, and I take time to appreciate them.

Life is a natural canvas -- many thanks to Joe and other shutterbugs like him for painting it with light.


  1. Thank You. Appreciate the post, Glad you enjoy the photos....

  2. Over the last 8 years I got to know Joe very well. Much more than the first (many) years of his life when he was working at his original vocation. He has shown me there is more to life than just daily work. He has shown me a side of him I never knew existed and should have. He is so artistic and talented. He has taught me to look differently at the world through photography. He is kind, caring, considerate, loving and has a heart as big.

    I will love him always.
    Brother Frank