I’m not only the author of Amen? Questions for a God I Hope Exists; I’m a creative writer, improviser, and trained facilitator who relishes helping people wrestle with the biggest questions in their lives. If your reading group, class, or faith community is seeking an engaging and enriching conversation around faith, doubt, and spiritual seeking, consider bringing me to your next event.

I can join in person or virtually for any of these topics:

  • “In Conversation With” book talk (1-2 hours). In this more casual format, I dialogue with another invited speaker or a member of your club/community, then invite attendees to join an intimate, informal reception where they can continue the conversation one-on-one with each other and with me. Customized prompts included.
  • “The Creativity of Doubt” workshop (1-2 hours). This immersive workshop is designed to connect participants more deeply with their own creative and spiritual practices through individual/group exercises that help them approach their doubts through the lenses of curiosity and imagination. 
  • “What’s Your Biggest Question for God?” workshop (1-2 hours). In the field of design thinking, powerful questions lead to powerful insights. This workshop guides participants through the concept of generative questioning and helps them identify and refine the question they are personally wrestling with.

That said, I love collaborating with people on new formats, so let me know if you have an idea or need specific to your group, and we can explore what’s possible. Please contact me to start the conversation, as well as for specifics regarding availability, workshop fee, book sales, etc.

Your group will leave these gatherings feeling contemplative, creative, and challenged. I look forward to asking big questions with you!

(Do you like to print things? Download this info as a PDF.)