About Julia

Headshot for writer and author Julia Rocchi.

You want to learn more about me? I'm honored!

My short, alliterative bio: My name is Julia Rocchi. I write prose, poetry, and prayers.

My longer, more formal bio: A professional writer and editor, I have worked for 15+ years in nonprofit marketing and communications where I create and promote digital content (articles, emails, social media, and videos) for a national audience. With an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University, I have garnered multiple story publications and honors, including First Place in the Saturday Evening Post’s 2018 Great American Fiction Contest and Semi-Finalist for Ruminate Magazine’s 2018 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize.

My book AMEN? (coming from Lake Drive Books in 2022) is "a collection of graceful musings, prayers, and poems for a wandering, wondering, doubt-laden, hope-filled faith that reflects the desire to believe as much as belief itself."

I first started writing my blog (formerly titled Italian Mother Syndrome) in earnest in 2008 to fill a gap I saw in spiritual content geared toward young adults. Now, 10+ years and hundreds of posts later, the blog and I have grown up together, maturing in style, substance, and faith.

Today I live in Arlington, Virginia, with my family, where I am discovering that my current season of life entails drinking cold coffee and snagging writing moments where I can.

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