Book: AMEN?

An encouraging read for fellow seekers, doubters, and questioners who still want to foster an active and deeply felt faith.

All my life, I've searched for both the stillness and community that would connect me with something real and powerful—something like God. But religion, often consumed by its certainties, sometimes fails us. We want to find a new way. Could it be that faith is instead a conversation we carry on in questions?

From a place of searching faith comes Amen? Questions for a God I Hope Exists (Lake Drive Books, 2022), a collection of prayers and essays for practicing penitents and devoted doubters. With fresh imagery and prose to help you pause, this book encourages our hesitant hopes and welcomes us to admit doubt, invite joy, and grapple with mystery. From my story about learning my brother was an atheist to my prayer about envisioning the love of my life, and from my reflection on trying (and failing) to be a social justice warrior to my experience waking up laughing, you’ll see what happens when we stop, listen, and set a table for the questions.

Amen? is an engaging, empathetic rumination of the nature of belief—and its reverberations in the everyday—that offers readers comfort, challenge, and release on their quests to encounter God.

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Book Interviews

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