Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayer #116: Memorial

Prayer #116: Memorial

Beyond the parades bedecked with bright flags
After the barbecues, sticky and sweet
During the beach days of sandcastled walks
Help us remember the reason we gather
And keep us remembering it
With sparkler in hand
The picnic table set
And sun on our face
For such life and living
Is an unfathomable gift.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Prayer #115: Sotto Voce

Why do sore throats strike when you have the most to say?

My current muteness was inevitable, I suppose, after ten days of kissing strange people, gabbing nonstop, and inhaling stale airplane air. Still, it's inconvenient, seeing as I want to relive my trip through constant retellings.

And then to go to church for Pentecost yesterday, and hear the Bible passage about everyone understanding each other's language, yet not be able to speak or sing with the congregation ... major downer.

So I just closed my eyes instead and listened to all the voices combining around me. And I prayed this prayer.

Prayer #115: Sotto Voce

Santo Spirito --

When my voice is weakest, all the more reason to shout Your praises from the rooftops, for You have reversed the curse of Babel!

You have shown us that the human predilection to develop language (nearly 7,000 spoken ones at last count) does not surpass our ability to be understood. You have granted us comprehension, and through it, solidarity.

Love is not foreign, but universal, the indestructible mortar for a universal church. Help us be the bricks for a new tower -- one that reaches You in the heavens -- and give us one voice to sing as we build.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Prayer #114: Any Passport in a Storm

I'm not here. I'm in Italy. When I get back, I will have pictures and stories and at least four extra pounds, so you will need to join me on brisk walks to a) get caught up and b) get me slim.

Until then, I leave you with the miracle of Interwebz pre-publishing, which allows me to introduce my Italian relatives to you, share my travel guide, and reveal my secret method for fitting gelato into my suitcase.

Prayer #114: Any Passport in a Storm

To the One who sent me through an ethereal customs gate --

Grant me safe passage over water, across land, and through time.

Keep my traveling companions healthy, happy, and -- if not wealthy -- at least pickpocket-free. Hold fanny packs at bay and white socks at a minimum.

Loosen my tongue for a foreign accent. Send me words I don't even know. Guide my wild hand gestures when all else fails.

Let me learn one new thing every day ... every hour ... every minute I'm here if You can spare the time and educational resources.

May I be a polite and humble guest in this far-off land. May my hosts be gracious and generous. May I one day return the favor when they come to America.

And above all, give me stories to pass down, so one day I can inspire the littlest adventurers in my life to explore this grand globe You gave us, and find Your one-and-only stamp upon their hearts.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Prayer #113: A Body At Rest

Newton's First Law of Motion: A body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it. And a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

In other words, run run run run run run runrunrunrun THUNK.

Prayer #113: A Body At Rest

I asked for answers. You gave me better questions.

I asked for affirmation. You gave me confidence.

I asked for reassurance. You gave me courage.

I asked for patience. You gave me progress.

I asked for change. You gave me evolution.

I asked for success. You gave me rest.

And now I ask for the strength to be at peace with and in this gift-filled moment. Perhaps You'll give me contentment?


Monday, May 03, 2010

Prayer #112: Line My Pockets

Tonight I checked my statement
And found an entry off.
At first I laughed, but then I thought,
"Perhaps I ought not scoff."

So call my bank I quickly did,
and lo! confirmed the lie.
A thief had stalked my Interwebz
In attempts to suck me dry.

Now my info, once so safe,
Is feeling violated,
While elsewhere for $8.96
A crook just laughs, elated.

But thanks I give, for 'spite this fuss
It could have been much worse.
And glad am I when browsing
To have watchdogs in my purse.

Prayer #112: Line My Pockets

Guard us from barter to banker and back

As we use common sense (or are making no cents)

With bill stacks sky-high (or billfolds too thin)

Checking off checkbooks (or chucking them out)

When greenbacks mean money (or simply mean mold)

And lettuce means clams (or food that's gone bad)

Be it moolah or tuppence or junk bonds or cash

Be the purchases honest or frequent or strange

Balance our lives as we balance our ledgers

And help us give credit where credit is due.