Prayer #114: Any Passport in a Storm

I'm not here. I'm in Italy. When I get back, I will have pictures and stories and at least four extra pounds, so you will need to join me on brisk walks to a) get caught up and b) get me slim.

Until then, I leave you with the miracle of Interwebz pre-publishing, which allows me to introduce my Italian relatives to you, share my travel guide, and reveal my secret method for fitting gelato into my suitcase.

Prayer #114: Any Passport in a Storm

To the One who sent me through an ethereal customs gate --

Grant me safe passage over water, across land, and through time.

Keep my traveling companions healthy, happy, and -- if not wealthy -- at least pickpocket-free. Hold fanny packs at bay and white socks at a minimum.

Loosen my tongue for a foreign accent. Send me words I don't even know. Guide my wild hand gestures when all else fails.

Let me learn one new thing every day ... every hour ... every minute I'm here if You can spare the time and educational resources.

May I be a polite and humble guest in this far-off land. May my hosts be gracious and generous. May I one day return the favor when they come to America.

And above all, give me stories to pass down, so one day I can inspire the littlest adventurers in my life to explore this grand globe You gave us, and find Your one-and-only stamp upon their hearts.