Prayer #112: Line My Pockets

Tonight I checked my statement
And found an entry off.
At first I laughed, but then I thought,
"Perhaps I ought not scoff."

So call my bank I quickly did,
and lo! confirmed the lie.
A thief had stalked my Interwebz
In attempts to suck me dry.

Now my info, once so safe,
Is feeling violated,
While elsewhere for $8.96
A crook just laughs, elated.

But thanks I give, for 'spite this fuss
It could have been much worse.
And glad am I when browsing
To have watchdogs in my purse.

Prayer #112: Line My Pockets

Guard us from barter to banker and back

As we use common sense (or are making no cents)

With bill stacks sky-high (or billfolds too thin)

Checking off checkbooks (or chucking them out)

When greenbacks mean money (or simply mean mold)

And lettuce means clams (or food that's gone bad)

Be it moolah or tuppence or junk bonds or cash

Be the purchases honest or frequent or strange

Balance our lives as we balance our ledgers

And help us give credit where credit is due.