Prayer #30: Theallergic

Prayer #30: Theallergic

Lord, the miracle of your returning springs is tainted only by one thing: allergy season.

Where in your grand plan for creation did you decide that people would react so violently to pollen, trees, and other hallmarks of life coming back to earth?

Dear God, this Holy Week, keep me focused on your magesty. Help me see the forests for the trees, and not for the sneezing fits.

May every hint of warm air remind me of your welcoming embrace, and may I always strive to stay encircled in your arms.

May every blossoming flower signal your devotion to resurrection, and speak the promise of never-ending glory.

May every blade of glass bear witness to your nourishing rain and sunlight, and catch my knees when I kneel to worship you in reverent awe.

This spring -- every spring -- any spring -- grant me an Easter heart, so that I may love you more fully, see you more clearly, accept you more readily, and abandon myself to your awesome love more quickly.

I wait to roll away the stone, and greet the sunlight streaming from the tomb.