Prayer #84: Bread & Chocolate

No merciful God would ever make you give up chocolate. {Eileen}

Prayer #84: Bread & Chocolate

Some days are bread -- sturdy, plain, basic, hardy. They move you through the hours. You're not aware they're propelling you, only that you somehow ended up at Point B from Point A and weren't terrible hungry along the way.

Some days are chocolate -- luscious, decadent, savory, special. They illuminate your waking hours. You are aware of each sense, each moment, and at the end of the day you feel as if you lived a month, so complex is the experience.

Some days are both -- a mix of the necessary and the indulgent. In these days, Lord, I am always satisfied. In my satisfaction I am attuned to Your presence. And in Your presence I am fed -- with bread, with chocolate, with love.

Thank you for serving both days, all ways, always.