Prayer #121: What, Now

The great conundrum behind revelations about life, love, and personal liberty is that beaming concentrated light into one dark corner still leaves other crannies pitch-black.

Total assurance requires a personal sun. I've heard, however, that these are in short supply. Which leads me to post this simple ad:

Wanted: Complete, irrefutable knowledge of all future events/developments of personal and global nature. Can cook in exchange. Will also do windows.

Prayer #121: What, Now

I'm comparing what is to what was, what was to what will be, what will be to what might be -- and coming up with a great big pile of worry and fret and all-around suck.

But what is can exceed what was. What was is not a given harbinger of what will be. And the presumptuous certainty of what will be bows to the flexible potential of what might be.

Don't let me become the hand-wringer in the corner who always grouses, "Now what?" Make me instead the clear-eyed explorer who always asks "What now?" and strides forward, even without an answer.

For what is holds the true adventure, and the what is You.