Prayer #135: All Good Things

the "underappreciated" Empire apple * tonno sorpresa * Pumking beer * double date * scenic route(s) * mesh sculptures * closing down Borders * floppy cat * morning tennis lessons * new blinds * Trader Joe's run-ins * ponytails * hats that fit * fortuitous parking spaces * hippie parades * leaf-peeping * sudden and unexpected naps

What's on your bliss list right now?

Prayer #135: All Good Things

Hi Lord.

So far today my email has reminded me of one flight, my calendar has reminded me of three meetings, and my notebook has reminded me of five chores.

Yet none of these tools has reminded me of my most important to-do: to thank You for the moments of glory that grace each day and tell me You are alive and active in my madcap world.

So before I rush back into the fray ...


You're swell.

And I appreciate it.