Into the pot, lest it rot

Leftovers? Or a fresh start? May 2012.
Into the pot, lest it rot
Give whatever you have got
Into the pan, all at hand
Best if you don't have a plan

Give it a turn, lest it burn
What you knew you'll now relearn
Give it a toss, add some sauce
Coax a win from certain loss

Not left over or behind
What you need is what you'll find

Prayer #211: In the Pantry

Stocker of tucked-away shelves:

When I doubt I have it what it takes and wonder if I have enough to keep going, may I recall that You have already packed my cupboards to the brim. Then may I find the footstool, clamber up onto the counter, and pull out all the cans and jars until I find exactly the ingredient I need, knowing that all You want is for me to have it.