43 Universal Statements of Friendship

A Partial List of Honest Exclamations, Declarations, and Exhortations Emblematic of Dynamic, Evolving, Imperfect Relationships Between Dynamic, Evolving, Imperfect Humans

Friendship bracelet. Photo by Sabrina Gafken/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

1.    I want to know about your day and your dreams, your longings and your lunch.

2.    Let’s avoid festering. Also wallowing. Certainly no stewing. Tell me when you are mad at me and I’ll do the same in return so we can get on with the most important (and more enjoyable) business of liking each other.

3.    Let’s be patient with our learning curves.

4.    Let’s be compassionate toward our own and each other’s mistakes.

5.    Our love will never be unconditional because we are human. Still, it's good to have goals.

6.    I don’t wish you happiness. I wish you contentment—a comfortable assurance that your life is your own and that it satisfies you.

7.    What do you see as your purpose on this earth? Can you articulate it? How can I help you achieve it?

8.    I wish you believed in something bigger than yourself.

9.    Why won’t you grow up?

10.    Wait for me!

11.    Please don’t ever grow so far behind or so far ahead that we lose each other.

12.    What grounded our friendship when it began? What grounds it now?

13.    If we met for the first time today, would we be friends?

14.    What if we grow apart? Then what?

15.    Can we fix this? Do we want to?

16.    Sometimes, you are really selfish.

17.    Sometimes, I am really selfish.

18.    You take more than you give.

19.    Do you need me at all?

20.    I miss you.

21.    Thanks for letting me be myself.

22.    Thanks for bringing out my best self.

23.    Thanks for putting up with me.

24.    Are you listening?

25.    Thanks for listening.

26.    Grow up.

27.    Branch out.

28.    Get over it.

29.    Man, friendship sucks sometimes.

30.    Cry with me?

31.    I don’t always like you.

32.    I’m here for you in spite of myself.

33.    You’re here for me, but I’m still lonely.

34.    I wish I had what you have.

35.    Seriously?

36.    Remember that time…?

37.    Growing up is hard. So is living. I’m glad you’re in the trenches with me.

38.    If I could shut out the world for a day and settle into time with you, I would do it in a heartbeat.

39.    Come over. Wear sweats. Bring ice cream.

40.    Deep breath. Count to ten. You can do it.

41.    I believe in you.

42.    I’m proud of you.

43.    I love you. Always.

Prayer #296: Do You Recognize Yourself?

When you look at me, red of cheek and sputtering of speech, do you spot your own frustration? When you listen to me, ebullient in tone and effervescent in spirit, do you share my rarefied air? When you drape your arm across my shoulders, tensed and drooped, do you follow me into the pit, not to stay, but to understand enough to hold my hand in the dark?

I already know the answer. I ask aloud because I sometimes forget  that you have said yes to me, that I have said yes to you, and that together we've said yes to a connection greater than ourselves. By asking if you are indeed my friend, I remember I am called to be one to you.