AMEN? is now available for pre-order!

Awesome news—AMEN? QUESTIONS FOR A GOD I HOPE EXISTS is now available for advance purchase! Check out the Lake Drive Books website for handy links to all available online retailers, and be among the first to receive your copy of AMEN? (paperback or Kindle) when it officially launches on October 18.

Plus, I have a special offer for anyone who pre-orders AMEN?—a bonus read titled “Creation: How God Grounds Us in the Sacred,” written by yours truly. In this little compendium of reflections and prayers, I share the moment that inspired me to start probing the world around me and go on to explore how nature grounds us, figuratively and literally, in the constant, complex miracle of creation.

Once you place your order for AMEN?, just drop your email address in the field below, and then check your inbox for your free PDF. Easy as that!

But don’t let me distract you any longer. To the book page!