The Delay Is About to Get Longer ...

Sorry about the weeks of absence! (Though I don't know to whom I am apologizing, since no one knows this blog exists but me.) Truth is, I've hit a rut. Five posts, and I've hit a facacta (sp?) rut already. Story of my writing life ...

Here's the deal: I don't know what direction to take this blog in. I came up with a clever name, wrote a profile, and promptly ran into a wall. I tried to fly without any wings, i.e., I tried to blog without a particular message.

And therein lies the conflict. I have a TON of messages I would love to share. I want to catalog what I'm learning about the craft of writing. I want to talk about my spiritual frustration, and how it feels to be a religious young adult Catholic. I want to talk about destiny, purpose, and how somebody young and poor can set about saving the world. I want to write a book of prayers with the blogosphere's input, particularly from other young adults. I want to write about joyful events as an antidote to all the terror and sorrow ballooning in our world right now.

Can you talk about all those in one blog? Do you need a targeted theme? Hello? :::tap tap::: is this thing on? Anybody knowledgable want to chime in?

I should probably start doing just that--talking about everything, seeing where it leads. I'm always so frightened of heading somewhere without a plan. Gotta stop that. Again, how can anybody care what's on this blog right now? NOBODY READS IT.

Sigh, grr, arrgghh. Ok. Get it together, Julia. I think what I must do is join the blogosphere. See what other people are doing. Check out other messages, formats, styles, approaches. Start posting, and directing people back here for additional conversation. And for the love of god, stop thinking ahead to getting advertising dollars or signing a book deal, like that lady who blogged all the recipes she tried out every day while she was unemployed, and it swept the world in popularity, and led to her own cookbook. That's not why I started this (though I certainly wouldn't say no, haha).

Good. That's all settled. I'm glad we had this talk. One cyber step at a time, steady as she goes, and watch what unfolds.