I Heart Guy Kawasaki

I've only read "The Macintosh Way." I am by no means an aficionado. But I am quickly becoming a Guy Kawasaki devotee, especially now that I found his blog.

Today's post on Interview Tips was particulary on-target. Basic fundamentals--doing company research, arriving early, bringing extra resumes--are often overlooked among today's job seekers. Would you believe I was hired over someone else for a freelance production manager job in Pittsburgh because my follow-up e-mails were typo-free? Sad but true.

In fact, when I was job-hunting again a mere 8 months ago myself, my preparation and attention to detail made me stand out among my peers. I'm not particularly brilliant or revolutionary. But I am honest, attentive, and self-aware.

That's why Guy is my guy. He has incredible situational awareness. He processes, distills, and disseminates the critical information. And he does it all with humor and cheerful spirits. I honestly believe when I read his work that I could meet him for lunch, having never met before, and participate in a friendly, genuine chat throughout the meal. His spirit translates to the page.

That's an important distinction for me to remember. I've been frustrated lately because I can't hit a snarky tone. Believe me, I've tried, especially since it seems to be du rigeur for many blogs. But Guy reminds me that the best writers are true to their temperament. Writing in your natural voice--however sarcastic, dry, or ebullient it may be--is the surest path to strong, resonating results.