"We Feed the Feeders"

So said Capuchin Franciscan brother Fr. Paul last night at the YouFra meeting, when I very nearly burst into tears from sheer relief. The moment I walked into that room--damp from the rain, stressed by getting lost downtown, pinched by my work shoes and knee highs--I felt at peace. I can't fully explain it, but I knew I was in a place of refuge, and that no matter what my burdens or my sorrows, I could lay them at the door for two hours and breathe.

Essentially, I felt like I had walked back into the Alibrandi Catholic Center, my SU home away from home, complete with young adult-savvy Franciscan leader, peer support, and shabby but comfortable settings. People throw the term 'God-send' around, but this truly was one of those times---especially when Fr. Paul opened with the firm promise that YouFra is meant to provide ministry, not require it, of its members. It seeks to help young people deepen their Catholic faith in this wild, wacky, wierd world. Sounds like they're speaking my language.

Btw ... for any YouFra members that may one day read my site ... forgive me for my angst-ridden opening comments from yesterday's post. They were borne of previous disappointments, nerves, homesickness, and sogginess of spirit.