Prayer #2: Dilemmas and Decisions

"I think today was a sort of turnaround day. I just felt more peaceful ... I guess that's how one knows they made the right decision."

Prayer #2: Dilemmas and Decisions

Chocolate or vanilla. Left or right. To be or not to be. Every days brings new conflicts, and it's up to us to decide which path follows You.

Ok, 'chocolate or vanilla' is flippant. If only all decisions were that easy. But we become inextricably so wrapped in our human dramas -- regrets, hurts, woes, indecision, moral crises -- that our vision clouds. And that's when we make choices that make you groan, smack your forehead, and wonder, "Can't you see? The answer's so obvious!"

Well, yes, Lord, to you, the omnipotent Almighty. The rest of us are confused mortals, running around without thinking, bumping into one another and leaving bruises. I wish every decision I made was the right one. I wish the path was immediately clear. I wish I trusted myself (and You) enough to follow my gut when the answer IS clear. And I bet You wish the same.

Decision-making hurts. It requires sacrifice and vulnerability. It confronts a person with old wounds or new fears. No wonder we shy away from it. Better to stick in ruts we know -- it's safer, and more convenient.

Lord, be with me in the 'figuring out.' Lead my discernment. Compel me in rare, quiet moments to really listen to your guidance. Help me remember your grace is present even in the wrong decisions, and that peace always comes after the turmoil. Bless all my outcomes, and the decisions that precede them.

Blessed is the decision-maker, for she shall feel God's grace. And for this I say thank you -- Amen.