Prayer #7: Penultimatum

Prayer #7: Penultimatum

Dear Lord,


No one can take one more day. I don't know what's in the air this month, but February has been absolutely wretched for us all.

Of course, it's risky making such requests of you. You might take it as an opportunity to teach 'Be careful what you wish for.' And before we know it, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are bearing down upon us in a blaze of judgment and fury.

Or I might step outside and be hit by a double-decker bus. Rare in my hometown, I know. But that would be quite the cosmic chuckle for you. 'No better way to end a month!' you'll say, slapping your knee in delight.

Ok. Now I'm rethinking. Don't end February just yet. Let it carry out its final day. In the meantime, I offer up all the crappy days, sorry missteps, bad weather, bizarre circumstances, uncomfortable coincidences, yucky moods, and overextended moments.

And I'll thank you for sunny mornings, lunches out, lucky occasions, productive days, optimistic moods, happy accidents, and peaceful moments.

So cancel the bus, Lord. I'm coming in from the cold, into your warm embrace. Though, if it's not too much to ask ... can spring come a little early?

Fine, fine, fine, whatever you want, your will be done, yada yada yada -- Amen.