Definitions of happiness on a Wednesday

Let's channel Charlie Brown and look at today through the lens of "happiness is."

Happiness is ...

... your roommate treating you to dinner.
... eating a hot tamale for the first time.
... finding your way onto 395 even though the ramp was closed.
... seeing your brother before he sees you at the train station.
... indulging in creative reality television.
... being at the job long enough for a six-month review -- and hearing that yes, you're doing all right, and yes, they think they'll keep you ... all while drinking a free cappuccino.
... getting an email song from a best friend.
... learning to say dol sot bi bim bap at the Korean restaurant.
... discussing Love in the Time of Cholera with a like-minded reader.
... folding laundry during commercials.
... not cleaning my bedroom, and not caring.
... staying up past my bedtime like it's vacation instead of a work night.
... starting the day grumpy, and ending reassured.
... witnessing a life vocation unfolding.

All of which means that happiness is an extraordinary, ordinary Wednesday.