Funny Baby Pictures: A series is born

I love bebes. I love holding them, playing with them, snuggling them, feeding them, and handing them back to their parents. But I especially love pictures of bebes. And the more potential these pictures have for embarrassing the child upon adulthood, the better.

Thus begins a semi-regular segment on Italian Mother Syndrome called "Funny Baby Pictures." Here I will take the pictures that women and coworkers pass around with reckless abandon on my personal email chains, and post them for the world to see.

I have no greater editorial goal with this segment than to bring a smile to your face. Because in a world rife with conflict, sorrow, and hard labor, nothing is as hilarious as a baby in a silly hat.

My first picture is just that. My mother described it this way:

"The kid looks like, “What the he** am I doing up here. I don’t even want to touch this thing!"