Prayer #95: Magi Formula

Prayer #95: Magi Formula

The three wandering kings did not travel across a continent out of a sense of duty or obligation.

They did not leave their kingdoms because they liked stargazing.

They did not bring gifts to make a baby love them.

They sacrificed, and they risked, and they gave, because the reality of love incarnate compelled them.

That love is no less compelling or vital today. Yet I have no gold that befits royalty. I have no frankincense to waft to heaven. I have no myrrh to protect You in death. I have only me.

So please accept my one epiphany -- that I know and accept that You, my God, want nothing but me.

Let this truth direct my hesitant steps in hostile lands. Help me latch onto even a speck of light when I reach my darkest hours. May I return tenfold the gifts You've granted me -- not to make You love me, but to honor that You already love me.

Westward leading, still proceeding ...