Word on the street: To-do List

The scene: The ever irascible Pop-Pop DePaul is having a medical procedure done in a few weeks. His son Lou is preparing to stay overnight at Pop-Pop's house that night to make sure he's ok.

Pop-Pop: I'm cleaning your room, ya know. So you can have a nice stay.

Lou: Umm... that's not for another three weeks. You know that, right?

Pop-Pop: Of course I know that! I'm cleaning one room at a time! I'm too busy to clean the whole house at once! I've got the lawnmower that needs a new motor. My inside Christmas decorations need to go up. Today I was out shoppin' all day.

Lou: I'm staying in the other room anyway. The one with the big bed.

Pop-Pop: Well! Good thing you told me now! I may have left that room until after you came! Well, what else do you need? Breakfast in bed? I'll charge ya, ya know. I make good breakfasts.

End scene. (Thanks for sharing, Emily!)