Prayer #143: Into The Wind

Taken December 2010 in Marianna, Fla.

Prayer #143: Into The Wind

In wan light of creeping day
I shield my eyes to look away
While all around the winter wind
Hums its tune of lonely sin.

It buffets me up on that hill
With what I've done, did not, and will --
I brace myself, defenses thin,
With no escape from winter wind.

Then in fading sun I see
The shadows of a copse of trees.
I rush beside them, crouch within,
To hide my face from winter wind.

Ah, but 'hide' is not a choice,
For soon I hear Your gentle voice:
"Why keep your heart from winter wind
When it could be where love begins?"

No sooner did You speak these words
My sins took wing as little birds
Out toward the horizon dim,
Carried by the winter wind.

The tumult faded. I stood still
And gazed around that quiet hill,
Thus marking how and what I'd been
When I learned You were winter wind.