Compilation Christmas! Favorite Seasonal Reflections from IMS

Snow, late departures, side trips to Annapolis, visit with Fella ... all have combined to suck me dry of time-slash-inspiration in this last week of the year. But all is not lost at Italian Mother Syndrome when I can fall back on that reliable blog format, the round-up.

So here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite Christmas-related reflections and items for you to nibble on as you ease your way in 2011. See you in the new year!

5 Easy Ways to Survive Christmas (a handy guide to making it through the holiday season in one piece)

Advent Reflection: Does fear reverse faith? (a meditation on our relationship with God at the darkest time of the year)

Don't eat Jesus' friends! Or, the origins of La Vigilia (a look at the Italian tradition that occupies weeks of my mother's time and at least three days of my digestive tract)

Prayer #93: Fade to White (a prayer about peace, 'indestructible and indescribable')

Prayer #46: God Bless Us, Everyone (words to help you praise both the season and the reason!)