Prayer #93: Fade to White

Snowpocalypse 2009 -- Arlington, Va.
Five days before Christmas

Prayer #93: Fade to White

Scholars debate the month and season of Your birth. Did snow fall outside the stable? Would the shepherds have tended their flocks? Was that cold winter's night really so deep?

Here's my question: Who cares?

Around this wide world, people in every clime, every temp, every zone are preparing to herald Your grand entrance onto our rocky sphere. Some watch in wonder. Others anticipate sorrow. But we all know You are coming.

And when You do arrive, kicking and screaming and hungry, You will fulfill a promise made in time immemorial to a broken creation. You will bring us a gift that far outweighs the frankincense, myrrh, wreaths, drums, ornaments, and cards we lay at Your feet.

You will bring us peace.

Peace that rivals a starry night on a mountaintop that disappears in the dawn.

Peace that trumps a beach at sunset, with vibrant palettes that wash out to sea.

Peace that surpasses bare desert dunes vanishing into the horizon.

Peace that envelops a hushed curtain of snow, waving aside only to melt away.

This peace is within You, of You, through You -- indestructible and indescribable. It's peace exactly as You promised.

No wonder we rush to wait.