Britt Bravo features my (shorn) Locks of Love on

How do you guarantee a good hair day? By chopping it all off and giving it to someone else. That's how I spent my unexpected snow day on Monday as I made good on my promise to get my long-nurtured hair off my head and onto those who need it.

With my original appointment canceled due to inclement weather, desperate times called for quick thinking. Quick thinking led to me roping my long-suffering roommates into misguided adventures. Which found the three of us crowded in my shower stall, with Sus cutting off my braids while Jacob recorded it for posterity.

Don't worry, I then walked right over to Hair Cuttery and got it styled.

I thought the story would end there. Cut twice, mail once, and start the process over. But as I tweeted about the haircut and put the pictures and video up on Facebook, responses began to pour in.

Some were about my sassy new 'do, but most were about how great Locks of Love is. The organization's powerful story -- that people commit to growing out their most visible renewable resource so kids can have real hair again -- resonated with everyone. And I felt blessed to help spotlight its terrific mission before a fresh audience.

I was especially excited to widen that audience exponentially when prolific social good blogger Britt Bravo (of Have Fun * Do Good, BlogHer, and more) featured me on her post about donating to Locks of Love. Check out her post here. (Thank you, Britt!)

So what can you, the prospective donor, learn from my hair-raising adventure? Note the following:

* Keep your hair healthy while you're growing it. That means semi-regular trims to keep the split ends in check.

* Hair does not grow as quickly as you might think. It took me two years to get my own locks long enough. This endeavor is NOT for the fickle follicle. Prepare to commit.

* Donating before a holiday amplifies the do good/feel good spirit of the season. (It also is perfect timing for your relatives to ooh and ahh over your new look.)

* It truly is the kindest cut you can make.

The more people hear about Locks of Love, the more I hope they'll feel inspired to turn themselves into do-gooding Cousin Its. The brave kids who get these wigs deserve every strand.

Besides, how else will you get your roommates to play hairdresser in the bathroom?

Check out Locks of Love for more information!