Word on the street: Bird Feeder

The scene: Pop-Pop DePaul is sitting downstairs in his house watching his "story" (his word) on TV -- aka, Law and Order. His son Lou and granddaughter Emily are visiting.

Pop-Pop: Ya know, they don't carry guns. Those two detectives can solve these cases without guns! They use words.

Emily: Really? No guns. Hmmm. They always seem to get their guy though.

Pop-Pop: Yep. They do. And they're good friends. Only handcuffs they carry. [to Lou] Do I still have to feed those birds all winter?

Lou: (shocked) Yes! The winter is the best time to feed them! You'll get all kinds of birds in the winter.

Pop-Pop: Welllll, I'm only feeding the small ones. I'm getting all sparrows now and they mess the food up and drop it all over the ground and then the squirrels come and I have to trap 'em.

Lou: Well, what food are you using? The sunflower seed food?

Pop-Pop: Yep. That's the one. I bought new food.

Lou: That's sparrow food ...

Pop-Pop: It's ridiculous! These birds eat more than I do, ya know! I'm too busy to feed the birds!

End scene. (Thanks for sharing, Em!)