Word on the street: Pop-Pop DePaul

The scene: a birthday party for Pop-pop DePaul, one of the bestest's grandfathers. He is in his mid-eighties and fiercely independent. The following is a snippet of conversation from the evening. Hat tip to Emily for sharing!

Pop-Pop: So I was at the doctor's the other day getting my blood drawn and they have me there every week ... every WEEK! And I have to pay every time I go there. So the young girl [sidenote from Emily: mind you, she was probably 60] said to me, "Mr. DePaul, are you short of breath?" and I said, "No, but I'll tell you what I am short of -- I am short of money." And all those young girls laughed! They think I'm really funny. But they stopped! They stopped bringing me in every week!

[Again, from Emily: Mind you also, that you only have to come in a certain number of times after you finish your treatments, so he didn't need to come back. That's why they didn't ask him back!!]

End scene.