Prayer #48: Hinterview

Hint: tip; an indication of potential opportunity
Interview: a formal consultation usually to evaluate qualifications
Hinterland: a remote and undeveloped area
Hinterview: an indication of potential opportunity based on a formal meeting that will impact the remote and undeveloped area known as your career

Prayer #48: Hinterview

Lord, bless the feet that pound the pavement.

Bless the train rails that criss-cross the city, and the buses that stop at every block.

Bless the cell phones and laptops that hum all day and all night.

Bless the conference centers and meeting halls that fill with chatter.

Bless the resumes, business cards, handshakes, and introductions that put faces to names, and names with jobs.

Bless the expectations. Bless the waiting. Bless the risk. Bless the hope.

In short, Lord, bless the interviewees, and help them find all they seek.

In Your well-connected name--