Prayer #49: Nap Rhyme

A nap is the cocktease of the somnolent world. Yet I still want one! I want one so badly ...

Prayer #49: Nap Rhyme

Rock-a-bye baby, you have it so good.
Your cradle is nothing but foliage and wood.
You're soothed by the breeze, rustled to peace --
No wonder you sleep whenever you please!

But rock-a-bye baby, you know it will break.
The song singers say so -- they make no mistake.
Yet you slumber on with nary a care
While I wait beneath, afraid and aware.

Rock-a-bye baby, can you show me how
To make my own quiet without a strong bough?
To rest amid danger, relax amid strife,
And quell the storms raging within my own life.

And if that fails, dear baby, promise me this:
That when my bough breaks, you'll be there with mitts
To catch me and hold me and calm all my fears,
To sing this small ditty and wipe off my tears.

Please rock-a-bye baby -- your peace makes me sound.
I ask you stay with me from branch to the ground.
Cradle me close against the rough wind,
And together we'll climb to the top once again.