Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funny Baby Pictures: Graphic (tee) humor

Graphic tees are sweeping the nation, so who's to say the smallest among us can't be in on the trend?

No one, actually. So here's one snarky tee (and some drool) to brighten your day!

P.S. If YOU have a funny baby picture you'd like to see on Italian Mother Syndrome, leave me a comment and we'll connect. Thanks!!

Thanks to Jacob for submitting this photo.


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Snarky? Please define.

  2. Snarky, adj. Sarcastic and irreverent. :)

  3. Anyone who doesn't know a word can use
    No need to take up the blogger's time.

  4. Eh, I'm unemployed. If I can't help now, when can I? ;)

  5. Anonymous11:20 AM

    If you are unemployed, how are you paying your rent and related bills? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Hi Inquiring Minds -- such is the beauty of a rainy day savings funds. It's come in especially handy now that it's pouring!