Prayer #46: God Bless Us, Everyone

You can also take a pilgrimage with BBC correspondent Aleem Maqbool as he walks from Nazareth to Bethlehem -- just like Mary and Joseph did. (Parts Two and Three here.)

Prayer #46: God Bless Us, Everyone

When the stockings are emptied,
And wrapping paper is tossed,
And new presents lose their sheen,
And feasts turn to leftovers,
And carolers' notes fade,
And guests wave goodbye,
And decorations return to the attic,
And daily life returns to routine --

When all these moments are lived, loved, and past --

Help us remember that a baby was born,
And a message was carried,
And hope filled the streets,
And a belief took root,
And God joined us on earth --

So that life and love became more eternal,
More abundant,
More present,
Than they ever had before.

For this season --
And for this reason --
We give praise.

Alleluia and Amen!