9 sites to get you to 5 pm on Friday

Be honest -- you know you're not working right now. You've just taken two hours for lunch, are counting down to happy hour, and trying to do as little as possible in between.

So I'm going to help you out by offering some productive and not-so-productive places to put that aimless energy. Because really, what's more fun than ignoring the huge pile of work staring you in the face.

This first batch is designed to allay your guilt by entertaining AND educating you. I call it the "I'm not wasting time, I'm helping to save the world!" list.

That's So Gay: ThinkB4youspeak.com

This joint effort by GLSEN and the Ad Council are fighting one of the most pervasive forms of discrimination -- saying "that's so gay" when you're calling something stupid. The ad with Wanda Sykes here is great -- you can also catch three other videos here and on YouTube.

Playing for Change

This multimedia campaign (brought to my attention by Henri -- thanks!) is designed to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. Join the movement, and help build music and art schools around the world! (Playing for Change blog here.)

Beth's Blog: How to Think Like a Nonprofit Social Marketing Genius: What's Your Brilliant Thought?

I consider this post a must-read for anyone responsible for formulating, selling, and executing marketing strategies at ANY organization, not just nonprofits. Beth hits on 7 critical lessons that will lay the foundation for successful and comprehensive campaigns that take Web, social media, and classic outreach into account. Further evidence that tools change, but evangelism does not.

Thank you for being good little boys and girls and putting in your learning time. As a reward, I now give you the "I cannot tell a lie -- I really am wasting time" list.

Note: The vast majority of these were sent to me by my roommate Jacob. During his work hours. We will withhold any comment on his productivity levels.

For people who love fuzzy baby animals and educational commentary:

For people who love biting, profane mockery of fuzzy animals:
F*&@ You Penguin
(My fave -- Platypus: the ultimate buzz-kill.)

For people who think spending time on any office intranet -- even fake ones -- is worthwhile:
Wonderglen Productions

For people who wonder what Santa's inbox looks like at this time of year:
Santa's Gmail Account Exposed

For people who like babies leading pep rallies (only a Philly baby would have the gumption to do this):

And last but not least ... for people who get turned on by the smell of frame-broiled Whoppers:
new Burger King Flame scent

{Stay strong, comrades! You're mere hours from the weekend ...}