This writer's for hire!

Soo, remember that time I talked about the sky falling down and worst work-related nightmares and wanting a viable reason not to go into the office? Well, I have one now: I was laid off.

Now, before you get agitated and call/Tweet/Facebook-message me with your concern (which I really love and appreciate about my mother you!), let me tell you the story. And then I will tell you why this is a blessing, even amid a recession. And then I will ask for your help in finding a job.

The news was sudden, unexpected, and gasp-worthy. "Mourning" doesn't begin to describe what the office was feeling as some of us packed our things. I got more hugs in 1 hour than I have in the past 3 weeks. The hardest part was the huge reality leap the day took: I started employed, in my normal routine, ready to buckle down ... and ended unemployed, networking, and with a lot of free time on my hands.

The good news is, the balance of positives to negatives about this situation tips heavily to positives. Case in point:


* I can soak up Vitamin D in these winter months because I have the freedom to go outside.

* I can ride my bike, which Jacob rudely calls the Huffy.

* I get to make full use of my much loved Twitter network.

* I can enjoy holiday festivities and travel without PTO looming over my head.

* This coincides nicely with the administration change, so perhaps some government opportunities will open up. And at the very least, perhaps Obama will work magic and fix the economy in 3 weeks. (Girl can dream, can't she?)

* I have the chance to recalibrate my career and get back to more writing/editing/content development rather than content management.

* I have done more networking in DC in 10 months than I ever did in Philly over two years. I'm hopeful this will serve me in good stead now.

* I already live here. No moving or travel required for interviews. One big step done!

* I picked up some amazing lessons about social media, content development, the nonprofit sector, and workplace management during my brief tenure (to be built out in future posts)

* The house will be really, really clean.

* My terrific colleagues are now my full-time friends. I didn't lose anything except the pleasure of seeing their cute faces every day.

* Can we say "thank God I have savings"?

* I will once again enjoy the thrill of the chase. Who knew that last month's audition would prove good training for interviews??

* I'll get to spy on the neighbors see more of our neighbor's new puppy.

* I can play with all my other unemployed friends (of which there are quite a few ... hopefully not for long).

* I can go to DC tourist traps on Wednesday mornings and avoid the crowd.

* I can take my burgeoning addiction to social media to an organization or industry that wants to see the light.

* I don't have to wear high heels or panty hose every day!

* I can use some of my free time to learn more about Digg and delicious and all the other services/communities I haven't yet tried because I've been too busy on Twitter.

* I can tell people I'm retired.

Of course, there are some counterpoints:


* I won't get to work on the new website and blog I put a lot of time, energy, and passion into.

* My whole routine is different. My life no longer exists on one block in the city.

* Oh God! Say it ain't so! No more free kitchen snacks???

* Will I ever work downtown again? Hell, will I ever have that much VACATION time again?

* It's very likely I will no longer have my own office. Or a window. (Ah well. That was a anomalous stroke of luck anyway. And in the meantime I'm in my office at home. In front of a bay window.)

* I must remember to suggest networking meetings over coffee with people rather than lunch so as not to derail Weight Watchers. (Though, not being around the chocolate covered pretzels is a positive. And I've lost 2.5 pounds! And will continue losing if I have no money to buy groceries! What Bridget Jonesian optimism!)

* Ummm ... we're in a RECESSION?

Overall, I say I'm coming out on top (unless you weight the points, like the recession, but let's not, k, thx.)

The immortal words of Annie Get Your Gun's "I Got the Sun In The Morning" say it best: Checking up on what I have and what I haven't -- what do I find? A healthy balance on the credit side. Ain't it the truth!

In my next post: why you should hire me (or tell important people you know to hire me [I'm very cute and nice, you know]).