Prayer #155: All By Myself

Ed. note: I never knew this video was comprised entirely of Celine flirting with the camera. Did the producers listen to the lyrics first?

Au contraire, dear readers ... I DO want to be all by myself.

Fella, if you're reading this, no, I'm not breaking up with you. And friends, if you were thinking of inviting me for dinner, please do -- I like eating all your food seeing you.

But with spring rainstorms and an empty house and even emptier schedule falling on the same weekend, I am reminded how necessary it is to be alone every once in a while.

This is big coming from a social creature who abhors a calendar vacuum and isn't so hot at leaving nights open to chance (despite her best efforts, I swear). That's what made this weekend extraordinary -- the fact I stuck to my guns, channeled my inner (albeit dormant) hermit, and let myself work on and think about anything I wanted.

Here's what I took away from my quiet hours of free association:
  • I am most productive when I focus on one project at a time.
  • I am refreshed when I leave the computer off for at least eight hours.
  • When my mind wanders, it's more efficient to let it run its course.
  • My brain is like a muscle post-workout; I need to give it time to stitch back together in new and stronger ways.
  • I am most likely to hit on a lucid and concise explanation of something that's been nagging me for months in the middle of vacuuming.
  • Inspiration doesn't have to shout over the din.
  • Daydreaming can be the most productive part of my day (aside from the vacuuming).
  • I pray more spontaneously.
  • I think more often about people I love.
What have you learned in your loner moments?

Prayer #155: All By Myself

God who streams through consciousness --

I pray for the discipline to shush my brain. I pray for the skill to set aside participles and leave the present. I pray for the kind of solitude that doesn't bring loneliness because it brings You instead.

Thank you for the walking hermitage that is a quiet moment. May I visit it often.