Prayer #159: Reunite

Dance With Me?

Purple is nobility of spirit

I accidentally wore purple to my 10-year high school reunion -- an unconscious pull from the closet that reflected four years of purple and gold everything, from balloons on lockers to chipped nail polish to hair ribbons in all my classmates' hair.

White is for ideals high and pure

I stepped back in time when I walked through the door. The entire school was freshly painted with updated photos and trophies scattered among the familiar faded art and religious statues. I was so young here, so naive, in the best and happiest way possible.

Gold typifies staunchness that lies

My decision to attend an all-girls' high school -- made at a time when boys were just appearing on my radar screen -- set in motion my adult womanhood. I rarely wonder what my life would have been like otherwise, because choosing plaid skirts, leadership roles, and confidence in all I was formed my life.

In every heart steady and sure

My best friend walked in beside me. We met on the first day of freshmen year, the only two girls on the bus. One by one I said hello to my former classmates, and with each hug memories hit me like a monsoon. She sat next to me in class. She was in my retreat group. She was always so friendly. She and I used to be good friends.

May we all be worthy of its colors

The first words out of many classmates' mouths to me were, "I read your blog! I see it on Facebook!" Maybe Facebook will make reunions passe, instead keeping us abreast in real time of the ups and downs we now digest in one lump sum every five to ten years in the school gym. I hope not. Seeing these women again reminded me that profile pictures are not the same as real expressions. We may not be good friends. We may not even be good enemies. But we owe it to ourselves and our shared pasts to acknowledge our bond -- at least over wine.

Noble, pure, and loyal for aye

We all came in packs -- with the friends who visited our college apartments and stood in our weddings. If the last 10 years have taught me anything, it's that we can't predict our relationships. Who from the hallways will be standing with me at the 25th reunion? The 50th?

With this motto e'er before us in life

I can make a pretty good guess. But there might be a few surprises too. That in itself wouldn't surprise me. Classmates are people, and people evolve and move and stretch in directions you can't predict. Someone may fit me best later. Others will fit me best always. That's the beauty of remembering and reuniting.

Spes messis in semine.

The hope of the harvest is in the seed.

Prayer #159: Reunite

Lord, bless the currents of people who move in and out of my life, each attuned to their own rhythms, each flowing at their own pace.

Run us perpendicular when we need each other. Run us parallel when we don't. But always keep them in my sight -- and Yours -- even if only to smile and wave hello.