Prayer #160: Friendlies

J, R, and J after their 'pie for breakfast' excursion, April 2011.

Though cities exhaust me
And work just compounds,
Though home life absorbs me,
Distractions abound,
Though miles stretch onward
And visits are rare,
I never am fazed ...

I know you're still there.

So thanks for pajamas
and overnight stays.
Thanks for long walks
on budding spring days.
Thank you for listening
and sharing as well.
Thanks for our friendship --

I still think you're swell.

K and J welcome spring in Central Park, April 2011.


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Prayer #160: Friendlies

God, You loved us so much, You gave us friends to prove it.

Thank You for overflowing my life with bright souls -- people who brim with hope and energy, who strive to improve the world, who make time, who make jokes, who make me see You.

May I be that same kind of friend for them, Lord. May I do so with honesty, responsibility, and affection. May I do so in Your name.