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Want to see inside my brain? Here's a cheaper option than a CAT scan: browsing my blog roll.

I just updated this list o' links today -- a long overdue task -- to better reflect what I'm reading, thinking about, and learning at this moment in time. But a list of links doesn't tell you much, so here's the 5-minute digest of what these fine bloggers can offer you.

Bizzlepix. I learned about this photo blog via Rich Levin (later on this list) via Joe Mezzanine (The Mezz). Gorgeous photos with a lot of humor and pathos. Great slice of Americana caught on film.

Andrea's Recipes. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea at BlogHer in October. Her recipes are well-researched, well-tested, and well-written. A must-tastefor the foodie reader.

Bad Language. I've been following Matthew Stibbe's blog for a couple years now, and find it a great resource of writing tips and tidbits. Is now a good time to admit that I'd love to move to England and work for him someday?

Bob Sutton: Work Matters. Bob's blog appeals to the work/life balance nerd in me. Want to know about The No Asshole Rule? Bob's your man.

Brazen Careerist. Penelope Trunk (whom I had the pleasure of interviewing a couple years ago) is the bridge between Gen X and Gen Y when it comes to workplace issues. She's also an habitual oversharer and self-analyzer -- two traits that endear her to navel-gazing me.

Chris Brogan
. I'm late to the game on Chris's blog. Thank God blog posts archive so I can catch up. This social media rock star is an excellent example of the work, attention, and sleeplessness that it takes to become a thought leader in this space. I'm sorry he doesn't get much rest, but his insomnia is our gain.

Church of the Customer
. Another oldie but goodie on my Bloglines. Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell make a terrific marketing team, offering lots of useful case studies, interviews, and analysis. Good read for 21st century marketers.

CNN. All news is good news. Stay informed.

Copyblogger. When I need a reminder of how to write for online media, this is a strong place to start. Sometimes a tad elementary, it nonetheless provides fast, actionable tips for spicing up posts.

CREATIVE DC. I also met Amanda Hirsch at BlogHer and have been digging her blog since. DC-area readers: Follow her to gain access to some of the coolest and most under-the-radar art scenes in our nation's capital.

Escape from Cubicle Nation. Pam Slim gives me hope that one day I'll be my own boss and not starve while doing it. When I need to feel mothered via the Internet, her blog is a nurturing place to start. P.S. She's writing a book! Love watching her journey on this.

The Fluent Self. Um, I'm totally crushing on Havi Brooks's personal development-slash-yoga blog right now. Every time I read it, I find an application for the content in my life. Bless her for being a calm voice in the maelstrom of professional growing pains.

gapingvoid. Reading Hugh MacLeod reminds me that I'm not cool, but one day can be if I follow my heart now. Fans of art, cartooning, writing, and the creative process will love him.

How to Change the World. Another blog roll standby. I am just one little fan amid the thousands (tens of thousands? millions? everyone except your mom?) that follow Guy Kawasaki's thoughts, recommendations, and interviews. Offers clear steps for action and innovation in an unclear world.

Jeannine Norris -- Children's Author. Jeannine is my bestest's aunt, and therefore feels like one of my aunts too. (As if I didn't have enough.) Her first children's book, Tonight You Are My Baby, just came out! Beautiful Christmas story with portions of proceeds going to the At Least Kids Foundation. Truly the reason for the season.

Inside Lidia's Italy. In addition to wanting to be an author, social media rockstar, and font of work/life wisdom, I also want to be Lidia Bastianich. Or at least host an incredible cooking show with my mother and sing in the kitchen. Or be from Italy. Or eat. Lidia's blog lets me vicarously live all four. Tutti a tavola a leggere!

My Party of 6. Blogger Sue (another BlogHer attendee!) has me hooked on her honest, touching, and funny portrayals of life in the motherhood. I feel like I'm always over for coffee when I read her posts. So secretly it's a party of 7.

The Onion. You know it. You love it. You realize that its headlines sometimes aren't as absurd as real ones. Keep laughing -- it's the only thing that can save us.

Pat Rocchi. Shameless familial plug because if he weren't on my blog roll, I'd be disowned! Yes, Pat is my dad, and yes, I get my passion for writing from him. Unlike me, however, he has decades of experience and lots of awards. Check out his "been there, learned that" take on the evolution of communications.

PunditMom. Thank the Lord she went to BlogHer and I learned about her, because she proved indispensable during the election. Informed, smart, witty, and comprehensive political analysis -- nuttin' beats that.

PC Talk Radio. Shameless mentor plug! Rich Levin was the first boss who stole my professional heart. He updates only once a month or so, but the incredible in-depth interviews and exceptional audio quality are worth waiting for. Plus, Rich understood exactly what I meant when I coined the phrase "fundork," and is helping me spread the usage. Such dedication ensures eternal loyalty.

Smithsonian Channel blog. Lead blogger Andrea Michniak was at -- yes, you guessed it -- BlogHer, where I first found out about her blog. Fun, easy read for all history and social studies junkies out there.

Washington Post. No good DCer leaves home without it.

Why Am I Starting Another Blog? Shameless friend plug! My BFF-from-the-neighborhood Brian is living the red-haired, Philadelphia, B-school lifestyle and telling all. We like to comment on each other's blogs to spread the love. Spread it with me.

The Wind in Your Vagina. No, it's not a porn site. It's a fantastical take on life and love as we know it. What's fact? What's fiction? Who the hell cares? Just buckle up and let a writer/dad named Black Hockey Jesus take you behind the velvet rope and into his creative mind.

Yellaphant. Shameless friend plug! Old coworker and ardent Philly-ite Bridget Hanahan never regrets or apologizes, and you won't either once you read her. Some blogs go soup to nuts. Bridget's goes tampons to puppies to Chase Utley's butt. I can't explain; just read it.

Phew. Epic. Let me know what you think of these ... or if you have any recommendations for ways to distract me further reading.