Prayer #42: Button Your Lip

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." {John 8:32}

But does it?

Prayer #42: Button Your Lip

Truth is subjective. Could be fact. Could be fol de rol. Could be a reachable conclusion, or a pleasant rhetorical trope.

Free's the same way. Does that mean inexpensive? Easy? Liberating?

Or lonely?

What I want to know is, if this so-called "truth" is setting you so-called "free," how do you so-called "know" it in the first place? I don't always know when I should be honest. I'm not always sure when to be frank. And I hesitate from speaking what I believe is true because it usually stands a good chance of hurting others -- or myself.

I mean, seriously, why should I go out a limb because one lame Bible author wrote one lame quote (though it is quite catchy, I'll admit that)? Knowing my luck, I'd be fired or dumped or burned in effigy. And to complete the irony, my "truth" wouldn't make a damn bit of difference anyway.

Super. Great sell, God. Don't forget to put it in the brochure.

And let's talk about that results spectrum for a minute, shall we? Some folks are punished. Others are celebrated. Still more simply soldier on, content they knew the truth and gave power to it, if only for a moment.

So what happens if you alone know the truth? What if you are alone in sharing the truth? What if you are alone after you tell the truth? What then?

And if this all weren't confusing enough, how do you explain why truth changes from person to person? No one's wrong, and yet everyone's right.

That's not freeing. That's noncommittal!

I'm sorry, but this is too nebulous. I'd like definitions please, and specific scenarios, and perhaps some case studies and a chart. You're not getting a peep out of me until You do.

Oh. Big surprise. You're leaving it open to interpretation. How wily of you, God. How clever. Leave me to stew over integrity vs. my paycheck and which has greater worth at this moment in time while You have a chuckle on a cloud.

I said, are you having fun?? Good, that makes one of us. You know, I've heard quite enough out of You, Mister. I'll tell You what You can do with Your truth ...!


Oh dear. Oh dear, I'm sorry, God. Didn't mean to get testy there. I'm just very stressed, you see, and trying to ward off this ulcer and potentially disastrous tendency to overeat when upset ... uh huh. Yes. Makes sense. Ahh. I get it.

Thank you. That's very helpful.

Though, I have to ask ... how I can be sure You're not pulling my leg?

Just sayin.'