Prayer #71: Kitchen God

Photo by Dale Gillard

Prayer #71: Kitchen God

To the Original Chef who cooked up
one wicked/good batch of primordial soup --

Protect my fingers from the inadvertent slice.
Protect my thumbs from the accidental peel.
Protect my palms from the thoughtless burn.

Keep my creativity high for the improvised feast.
Keep my generosity high for hungry guests.
Keep my patience high for dishes that take time.

May I respect the bounty in my fridge.
May I respect the resources used to bring it there.
May I respect the sacrifice of plant and animal.

And should my food ever spoil,
Or my culinary spirit sour,
Or my call to nourish others start to rot,
Reinvent what's leftover and still good in me.

And if all else fails ...
Please ask your mother to appear to me in my French toast.