Tazewell Garden Project, part 3: It's Alive!

Turns out there WAS an upside to three solid weeks of rain ... a bountiful garden!

Jacob's Our brave little garden has made the most of our long spring, and is starting to sprout the telltale flowers, shoots, and fruits that tell us we haven't killed it after all.

Of note are the bell peppers and potted tomatoes (halfway to eating), as well as the Swiss chard (to be sampled for dinner tomorrow night).

Things I've learned in this stage of gardening include:

* Rhubarb can catch red leaf disease. Ours did. Probably because it was weakened by sorrow at the boring literalness of its disease name.

* Yellow leaves can indicate a nutrient deficiency, too much water, or a perverse desire (akin to infants) to leave you totally confused about how to fix the problem.

* Our bean vines tried to infiltrate the neighbor's deck.

* My most significant contribution to this project is blogging about it. And occasionally picking off a dead leaf. Oh, and taking this round of pictures! Enjoy. :)

Note on slideshow: Click on "full screen" icon in lower right and then "show info" in upper right corner to see the captions.