Tazewell Garden Project, part 2: Growth Spurt

Last night, Jacob said all the plants on the rooftop deck were "like his children." If that's the case, then I'm their delinquent mother, because I'm barely part of their lives, yet still show up occasionally to plead for their affection and attention.

Anyway ... time for part two of the Tazewell Garden Project!

The most recent phase was the big transplant to the wild outdoors, which Jacob recorded for us below. It was about time, too -- the poor little guys were way too tall for the greenhouse, and kept flopping over onto the kitchen table.

Overall, they're doing well in their new home. They had the benefit of eight straight years three weeks of rain after planting, and now can look forward to some warm temps and abundant sun.

The herbs didn't do so well on the back porch, but everything on the rooftop deck has taken (except for the Swiss Chard, which makes sense, because I planted it).

So, enjoy this round of pictures, ignore your grumbling stomach, and remember -- a garden is only as good as the roommate you live with.

Note on slideshow: Click on "full screen" icon in lower right and then "show info" in upper right corner to see the captions.