Word on the street: Okalahoma

Scene: Emily is in the kitchen at her friends' home, eating pizza for their daughter Addie's birthday. Addie is turning 3.

Addie: Miss Alemily, I watched a movie about Okalahomaaa.

Emily: Oh really? (turns to mom) Did you guys show them the musical?

Addie's mom: No -- (gets cut off by Addie)

Addie: In Okalahoma, it is spoooooky. And there is a bat cave wif spider webs! And it's spoooooky. And there are bats! It's spooooky. I love you, Miss Alemily.

End scene.

[Ed. note: Apparently, Addie learned about "Okalahoma" from a "Little Einsteins" movie. And to her, Oklahoma is spooky. Unclear whether she was referring to the state or the musical.]