Why mainstream Gen Y isn't buying into the new web (part 1)

Look at Twitter, LinkedIn, even Facebook, and something might seem a little off. Like something's missing. Like someone should be there, but isn't ...

Oh right. Gen Y isn't there. And this from Gen Y leader and Brazen Careerist co-founder Ryan Healy.

My jaw dropped when I read this article, but I'm not sure whether it was from incredulity or vindication. You see, I have always considered myself a late adopter, if an adopter at all. I DON't text except in dire circumstances, still don't own an iPod, don't use all the latest and greatest twitter tools (yes, I rely mainly on my browser), signed onto facebook only a year ago, missed Friendster entirely, use my Hotmail account over my Gmail account ... the list goes on.

Yet if I go by this article, I'm outpacing my peers. Because I DO maintain a blog, work in social media for major organizations, tweet my head off, use Facebook at all, find LinkedIn super-helpful, maintain Bloglines and read blogs regularly ... the list goes on.

So what gives? Who am I? Where am I? Am I a late early adopter? An early late adopter? An unwitting cool kid? A Boomer in Gen Y clothing? Behind the curve? In front of the curve? Off the curve?

I can't tell. Because in my mind, I'm not hyper-networked. I live with technology, not for technology. I take concerted breaks away from the computer. Limiting texting and NOT buying a fancier phone is a conscious decision so I can control my connectivity and reachability, and just do better at living in the moment. It's a culture of availability I'm not willing to buy into 100% ...

Oh wait. Culture of availability, you say? Why, I just might have more to say on this in my next post. And it just might help answer why Gen Y is seemingly nowhere to be found.

Cartoon by bootload