Julia is UN employed!!

I've waited nearly three months to write a headline like this (and four days for this particular typographical joke). Why? BECAUSE I AM EMPLOYED AGAIN!

That's right, kids, I'm stepping out of the breadline and back into the working world. You can now find me at the United Nations Foundation as part of the Web team, saving the world through content, outreach, and other online fun that supports the many fine UN programs.

So between starting work again and performing in Hexagon Theater's "What So Proudly We Bailed" (order tickets now!) over the next month, I can't promise the same volume of blog posts. Rest assured, though, I will try my damndest to continue delivering nourishing food for thought to y'all. Because let's face it -- I'd rather be blogging than sleeping.

Also, lest you think me ungrateful or forgetful, BIG FAT HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported me throughout this process, from contacts to free meals to meetings to prayers to comments to phone calls to hugs to the occasional alcoholic beverage. You all rock my socks.

And though I don't want to have to return the favor -- i.e. may you all remain safely and happily employed -- know I am always here for you when you need help.

Now, I think I'll go take a nap. I'm tired for some reason ... ;)

Photo by emotionaltoothpaste