Word on the street: "Love is kind of by your trachea"

The scene: Emily's pre-K classroom at Goddard, where she is known as Ms. Em. Her task -- to interview them about love and write down the answers.

Ms. Em: What is love?

Kid: Wellll, love is when you marry someone. Like when you think they're pretty. Like Talia. She's pretty because she has curly hair like me. I'm pretty too. I think I have love.


Ms. Em: Where do you find love?

Kid 1: In your mouth.

Kid 2: In your heart. And your heart is in your chest. Kind of by your trachea.


Ms. Em: Who do you love and why?

Kid: Samantha. (another kid in class)

Ms. Em: Why?

Kid: Because Sammy plays with me outside.


Ms. Em: Who do you love?

Kid: My mom. Even though she is bossy a lot, I still love her.


Ms. Em: Is love a color?

Kid: Yes, love is red ... like Valentine's Day! Anddd ... green and blue and yellow. Oh yeah, and pink and purple. Oh yeah, and red. Wait, I already said red. And white. Yes, love is a little bit white.


Ms. Em: Is love a color?

Kid: Yup! It's red like the heart in your body.

Ms. Em: Where is your heart?

Kid: You know your heart is there because it kind of jumps around. The doctor can hear it with the steposcope.

Happy (early) Valentine's Day, everyone!