Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Baby Pictures: And the bow does what?

It's a great mystery to me why parents feel compelled to put headbands on their infant daughters, despite their having no hair.

Exhibit A:

But she's pretty stinkin' cute, so we'll leave all questions aside. Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. To be completely honest, I have often considered the bow/headband for Abigail. It was her conspicuous lack of hair that often led people to wonder whether she was a boy or girl. A headband is a huge neon sign that screams "I AM A CUTE LITTLE GIRL! LOVE ME!!" Luckily, the color pink, bibs that say "Daddy's Little Princess," and pants with ruffles on the bum serve the same purpose. So, Abby has not been subjected to the headband or stuck-on bow, and she is now growing some hair and looking sufficiently "girly" that we haven't had anyone ask us how old our little boy is since last Thanksgiving. (To be fair, that was a rather elderly woman at church, and I'm sure she meant well. It probably hurt my pride more than Abby's. But, just in case, Abby wears a dress to church every week now. :-P )