Prayer #67: Get a Grip

For anyone who is at the bottom of that pit, I’m telling you that you just have to hang on. You have to have faith. That’s the worst advice ever, because even if you believe it, you don’t really believe it. Faith is slippery. If you have evidence that makes you believe, it’s not faith. It’s only faith when you believe when there is no reason to believe. That’s faith. Oh, and they call that same thing “being an idiot.” It’s a fine line, you see.
-- Johnny B. Truant, The Economy Isn't Happening
Prayer #67: Get a Grip

Life is a slip-n-side, and I can't get a grip.

You who can help put the brakes on -- help me walk the fine line between acting out of trust and acting out of presumption, so that my every choice aligns with Your love.